Welcome to Mr. Anderson's webpage!

Welcome to Mr. Anderson's webpage. Scroll down to see weekly homework assignments and calendars.


Instructions for Edmodo:


1)   Go to edmodo.com

2)   Click on “I’m A Student”

3)   Create an account. Use 7j36ai for the Group Code. (If you already have an Edmodo account, then skip this step).

4)   Click on the folders tab. Raise your hand when you’ve done this.




Instructions for Remind:


*If you have already signed up for Remind, then you don’t have to do the following steps.


1)   Go to remind.com

2)   Click on “I’m a student or a parent”

3)   Enter our class code e075a

4)   Type in your phone # or email address

U.S. History Homework: 

 Assignment Corrections Deadline:

Progressive Era Quiz: Friday Nov 13

Progressive Era Exam: Friday Nov 20

WWI Reading Quiz: Tuesday Nov 24

WWI Exam: Tuesday Nov 24

IB 20th Century Homework: 


Two Week Calendar - U.S. History  


Two Week Calendar - IB 20th 
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